• Summer 2019

    Every year this is different, we might stay at the same place, depending on so many things, our garden is changing. Today, I just want to share with you a few things I enjoy about this summer in my garden: bees, flowers, vegetables and sun… Do not hesitate to click on pictures to see them in full size.

  • My Garden

    Do you enjoy gardening? As you may have seen in the “About Me” section, I spent my childhood in the country and have been lucky to do some gardening as a child with my family. I loved those moments and hope to go back to the country one day to have my own big garden. Meanwhile, I am so lucky to have a small place to grow some herbs to cook, vegetables and fruits! For the herbs, I bought organic ones. I have basil, chives and parsley. I let them close to my door so I just have to walk a few steps from my kitchen to use them quickly…