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Autumn-Winter 2020

This year, I really wanted to try an autumn and winter garden. Since we are living in a place where winters are not really cold, I thought that it could be a good thing to get some vegetables for this season. Moreover, for the very first time, one of our banana tree got some bananas! They didn’t get big enough to be eaten but it was so cool to have them in the tree!

In late September, we had our last tomatoes. After them, we decided to plant coliflowers and broccolis on this side of the garden, separated by some leeks. We also planted some spinach where we used to have our carrots. We have been invaded by slugs as soon as it begun to rain and our strawberries got ill. Unfortunately, we had to remove them from the garden, so we planted some carrotts  for next spring.

Update January 2021: Our first broccolis harvest was a success on January with 2 beautiful heads that we really enjoyed! We kept the root and leaves to have some new baby broccolis. But unfortunately, since I didn’t gave enough treatments to my leeks (just planted them and let them grow without cutting them or earth up), they remained thin so I made the harvest and cook them all before they got attacked by parasites. Happily, it was delicious.

Update March 2021: Spring is almost here so it is time for us to give you some news about our winter garden! During February, we have planted a small peach tree that just made its first flowers on March the 1st, we can’t wait to get some delicious peaches this season… We also planted some onions that will be ready next month. Carrots are slowly growing up, they may have freezed during January so we will probably need to remove them from the soil and plant some new seeds next month. After the broccolis harvest, we noticed that the plant that has been eaten by slugs in autumn was coming back with leaves, so we planted it in a pot. There is a tiny broccoli growing up here too. About the cauliflowers, they begun to create flowers in February and the first one will be ready this month. Finally, all the garden is coming back to life now, mint and chives are back and our first borage flowers will be open in a few days…

What about you? Are you used to plant in autumn and winter? Do you enjoy winter vegetable gardens?


  • Madeleine Levesque

    Il est magnifique ton jardin, entretenu avec amour et que dire de tes recettes qui sont délicieuses. Nous au Québec, l’hiver impossible d’avoir un jardin, à moins d’avoir des serres chauffées. J’adore ton blogue et je te remercie de ce beau partage.

    • Charlie

      Merci beaucoup, je comprend bien qu’avec la neige et le froid, il ne soit pas possible d’avoir un jardin en hiver en extérieur. L’année dernière, j’avais mis une petite serre dans mon intérieur à la lumière pour faire démarrer des plants 🙂

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