• The Wheel of the Year

    This blog post is a little bit different from the others I made before but it is an important one if you are gardening or even just curious about our history. Our Celtic & Scandinavian ancestors used to celebrate 8 important pagan events that are part of the Wheel of the Year, I wanted to write about them and explain why you should celebrate them or just remind them nowadays. What we know today, thanks to archeology, is that the Scandinavians used to celebrate the solar events (solstice and equinox) and the Celts the events linked to the light (they celebrated the begining of the different seasons during those dates…

  • Food Series

    After my Food Movies list, here is the one for my favorite Food Series! On Netflix: Chef’s Table: Chef’s Table France: Somebody Feed Phil: The Chef Show: Salt Fat Acid Heat Street Food: On Youtube: Food Busker: Pop Sugar Food: Food Insider: Jamie Oliver:

  • My Favorite Food Movies

    Because I really love food and movies, I am found of Food Movies! Here is a list of my favorites, so take place in your sofa with a cookie and relax… Chef: Ratatouille: Julie & Julia: Eat Pray Love: Le Chef: The Hundred Foot Journey: The Lunchbox: No Reservations: Burnt: Babette’s Feast: Vatel: