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Summer 2020

Every year I enjoy to publish a little post about my garden in the end of summer. As you can see, this year, our banana trees are bigger than ever, it feels so good to have them here, especially in 2020 because it feels like we are on vacation even staying at home.

We had enough time to improved our gardening skills by collecting our own seeds form last year’s basil flowers. We made some dry rosemary for friends and familly, then, did the same with lavender.

We also extended our vegetable garden by adding more planters and creating a soil zone for planting. With those new places, we added more strawberries, gave sepcial zones for basil, chives, mint and borage flowers. We also had 3 different kind of tomatoes, radishes, carotts, potatoes, spinach and leeks.

This year has been great for gardening, we really enjoyed spending some time hands in earth. We are dreaming about having a bigger home with a big garden where we could plant much more and have 3 hens. Maybe one day this little dream will come true…

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