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My Garden

Do you enjoy gardening? As you may have seen in the “About Me” section, I spent my childhood in the country and have been lucky to do some gardening as a child with my family. I loved those moments and hope to go back to the country one day to have my own big garden. Meanwhile, I am so lucky to have a small place to grow some herbs to cook, vegetables and fruits!

For the herbs, I bought organic ones. I have basil, chives and parsley. I let them close to my door so I just have to walk a few steps from my kitchen to use them quickly in my meals. Basil is well off antioxidants and K vitamin, but it is also a good insects repulsive! Chives has also antioxidants, K and C vitamins and is poor in calories. Finally, Parsley has antioxidants, K and C vitamins but also iron and manganese.

In a vegetable garden case, I have plant tomatoes and strawberries. Why? Because I love them and they does not need too much space. I have 4 different sorts of Hairloom tomatoes: red, black, green and yellow. Beside, the strawberries are only the Charlotte variety. I can’t wait for tasting those fruits! I add tomatoes in a lot of different salads and enjoy strawberry smoothies.

Finally, I also have some plants in the soil. Two of them are still babies since I bought them last month: a bay-tree and banana-tree. The others are celebrating their first birthday: thyme, lavender and rosemary. I always add some thyme in my salads’ liquid seasonings and rosemary on my meats and fish cooked in the oven. About the bananas, I am not sure to have some one day but we enjoy this kind of tree. Moreover I am deadly allergic to it so it does not really matter if they never grow up!

Last year, we had huge lemongrasses in a corner, they were so beautiful but the they died during winter… It was super efficient to fight against mosquitoes during summer and quite tasty to use in the kitchen. This year, I would like to add some minth the garden and maybe some coriander (I love coriander). So what about you? What kind of eatable plants do you have in your garden? Do you also grow vegetables? Which ones?

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