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Green Tomatoes Jam

This autumn, we had a lot of tomatoes in our garden that would not turn red but remained green. I hate food waste so I when I heard about that green tomatoes could be cooked into jam, I have decided to make some with mine.


  • 1.7 kg green tomatoes (not mature)
  • 1 kg granulated sugar
  • 10 cl water
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract


Wash your tomatoes, remove the stem and cut them in big pieces. Pour them into a big sauce pan with the sugar, water and vanilla extract. Place the sauce pan on the burner at high temperature (but not the highest because it will burn). Mix with a wooden spatula and using a thermometer, wait until it raise 105°C, then, reduce the heat at medium temperature. Let cook again 20-30 minutes uncovered, mixing sometimes. Then, turn off the heat and wait 5 minutes before mixing with a hand blender. Pour the jam in glass pots and let cool down before closing them. Your jam is ready, for a longer preservation, you can add in the begining of the recipe a lemon juice.

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